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Leaky Roof Repairs

What is more annoying than a leaking roof? Looking for experienced team of repairers and roofers, we at Supreme Roofing San Antonio are here for you.

There are various causes of roof leaks. It might be caused by poor workmanship and roofing during roof installation. Due to aging a roof may undergo wear and tear. This causes a weak spot on the roof which end up on letting water to the house or building. Poor roofing materials may cause fast wear and tear of the roof and hence leaking. Roof leaks range from just a minor patch to a whole roof leak.

 Why repair roof leak?

Emergency Services

Man using crowbar to remove rotten wood from leaky roof. After removing fascia boards he has discovered that the leak has extended into the beams and decking.

To prolong life of the roofing- It is wastage of resources which includes time and money to replace the whole roofing due to just a minor leak which could be easily repaired.

Roof leaks may also lead to structural damage- Better prevention than cure. A minor leak may cause so much damage to a structure hence rebuilding of a structure or replacement of the whole roof due to a leaky roof

It is also very annoying to have a leaking roof. Imagine leaving a dry house while heading out and finding it all soaked due to a leaking roof after a down pour?

Mold is also annoying and hazardous to a building- Leaks lead to mould growth in buildings in case the water logs in the ceiling. This causes wet conditions necessary for mould growth.  Leaking roof repairs reduce the chances of mould on leaks.

Immediate roof repair is recommended to prevent further damage caused by leaking roofs. This saves a lot of time which would be used on extensive roof and property repair. It also saves on so much money that may be used in during repair or rebuilding after extensive damage is caused.

Why let us fix your roof leaks.

At Supreme Roofing San Antonio we have a qualified team of roofers and roof repairers. Our team is experienced to handle roof leaks in the most professional manner. Our team of roof experts does roof inspection and give a report on roof leaks. This helps identify the extent of the roof damage done by leaks and any other faults on the roofing. We will also advise on the best type of repair to do to have a superb roof and restore it to tip top conditions. We formulate a plan of the job to ensure everything is done according to a plan and professionalism.

Client Reviews

At Supreme roofing services we also understand that our clients are crucial and we always work to ensure that we provide the best services possible. This is why we are always ready to receive any feedback and work on it. Our clients have for a long time endorsed our service and given positive reviews. This ensures that we are always able to improve and get the motivation to offer better services.  By reviewing the reviews, one can understand the nature and quality of work that we provide and aim to continue providing. We urge you all to seek roofing services from us in order to get the best services.

Our Values

For the many years that we have been in service, supreme roof services has ensured that it portrays the highest values of integrity, trust and honest. This way we have ensured that we provide our clients with the best services. We would like to ensure that we continue to share these values with other clients as we continue to deliver our services.


Roofs are critical part of any house and therefore should be handled by professionals. Over the years that we have been in the business we have made it our mandate to ensure that we offer the best services. This can be proven the steps that we have undertaken to ensure that our team comprises of well trained and certified experts. This ensures that our clients can always rely on us for quality services. There is the need to understand that this means that we have all the skills required to ensure that we provide the best services to our customers.

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Please feel free to contact Supreme Roofing services for all your professional roofing, gutter and custom window services in San Antonio, Texas and we will be glad to offer our quality services.

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